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Monday, April 11, 2011

Feeling low after commencing the adrenal fatigue programme

Wondering if the adrenal boost pills may have the opposite effect? I'm real flat , no energy esp low on  strength, maybe I have a low grade virus but nothing obvious?"


Some people commencing the adrenal fatigue programme may feel worse for a while.  This may be experienced as feeling a little under the weather, aching, or feeling like having a cold or flu - Exactly as you are describing.

During stress and adrenal insufficiency, the physiological processes that are regulated by the adrenals slow down, including immune function and detoxification.

In your case, this is complicated by exposure to heavy metals through your work in the heavy industry sector, principally lead (Pb) (Refer to your HTMA chart to the left).  This, in itself, is an enormous burden on your adrenals, liver and kidneys.

When the adrenal supplements start supporting the adrenal glands there may be a spurt of detoxification and immune activity.  It is this renewed activity and not the supplements that may be causing you to feel unwell.

This is a good sign.

With enhanced adrenal function, the liver has to work harder as cellular activity is up-regulated, including detoxification of waste that has built up around the body  during the period of low adrenal function.  This includes the elimination of lead and other heavy metals which are present.  Both the release of toxins into the circulation and increased liver function can result in aching, weakness and a low grade fever.

As the immune system gets the signals from the adrenals to increase activity, it sends out white blood cells to find and destroy any lurking pathogens including viruses, bacteria and aberrant cells that may have taken hold during the period of adrenal fatigue.  This process may also result in symptoms of illness.

Start Low - Go Slow

So, feeling under the weather a few weeks into commencing an adrenal support programme may be a good sign.  Continue to take the supplements at relatively low doses, as prescribed, rest as necessary and drink plenty of water.  If the symptoms are too uncomfortable, then it may be necessary to stop all supplementation for a day then reintroduce each supplement at the lowest dose and gradually increase the dosage to what was prescribed depending on symptoms.  Start low - Go slow is the motto.

This feeling of being under the weather should pass within a week or so after which you will notice an improvement in energy.  However; in the presence of significant toxic burdens, such as lead, as appears to the be case here, there may be further waves of detoxification.  This is a necessary inconvenience.  My advice is to hang in there for as long as it takes.  The overall gains in health and wellbeing over the long term will more than offset any short term setbacks.

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