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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Should we be taken a collagen supplement?

We’ve had an offer of Collagen with a wide ranging list of benefits – ‘money back guarantee’.

Ref. Collagen. I am copying direct from the pamphlet sent ………. There will be visible improvement within the first few weeks for rosacea, migaines, swollen legs, oedema, varicose veins and stroke….Dr. M Lauraine’s opinion.
Collagen is a wonderful nutrient that most of us do not get enough of.  This is because we no longer eat the animal parts that are rich in it - gristle, cartilage, bone and skin.  We cut all these parts off, dump them and eat only the meat - the least nutritious part of the animal.

Replacing dietary collagen with a relatively expensive supplement is, in my opinion, a waste of money and poor nutritional practice.  

The best alternative is to go to the butcher or supermarket and ask for a couple of chicken frames.  These will cost you next to nothing and may even be free. Take them home and turn them into a collagen rich chicken broth and have at least one cup daily as soup and as the stock for much of your cooking.  It can be stored in the fridge and freezer.  When the broth is cold it is jelly-like which is indicative of just how rich it is in collagen.

Collagen does have many health benefits, including soothing and nourishing the digestive tract, as well as being beneficial for joints, hair, skin and nails.

The best collagen is the chicken broth because it is rich in minerals as well as collagen.

For recipes and ten rules for making your broth, here is a good start.

This Hair Analysis indicates a disorder with zinc
metabolism and low copper.
Of equal, if not more importance for strong collagen is ensuring you have healthy a cellular balance between copper and zinc.  Copper and zinc regulate the enzyme processes for the formation of healthy collagen.  Going by hair tissue tests, most New Zealanders have a problem with zinc and copper and this fits with the epidemic of related health issues, ranging from poor healing, fluid retention, tendonitis, anxiety, eating disorders, infertility, high blood pressure and even learning disabilities.

As a matter of interest, athletes have huge needs for additional zinc as do anby

Correcting these imbalances is a very, very slow process that may take years of steady dietary supplementation that should be regularly monitored by way of repeat hair tissue mineral analyses.  Of course, there will be steady but very subtle improvements in health as levels are built up and balanced.

Some of the subtle signs that things are improving may include stronger skin that is less prone to damage, faster healing of wounds and less visible appearance of veins in the hands, feet and legs.

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