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Sunday, May 08, 2011

How safe is the vitamin A content of Dr Wilson's "Super Adrenal Stress" tablets?

In response to an inquiry from one of my people about the vitamin A content of Dr Wilson's "Super Adrenal Stress" tablets, this is the advice received from the New Zealand agents for Dr Wilson's Adrenal Support Programme.

"Regarding the supplement "Super Adrenal Stress", you need not worry about the levels of Vitamin A in this product. 

There is no doubt, taking a HUGE amount of Vitamin A can outcome in serious liver damage. Signs of liver damage are often seen when Vitamin A is taken over a very lengthy period (6 to 12 months) and heavily over-consumed (25,000 to 50,000 IU every day) – and then nearly only in folks with an underlying liver problem, like heavy drinkers, Wilson’s syndrome, etc. Bear in mind that each SA tablet contains 2,000iu and you would need to take 14 to almost 30 tablets a day to get toxicity, and then you would need to maintain this high dosage for months on end. You would experience dry skin, nausea and other GI symptoms long before the liver plays up. You would have to be completely oblivious to how your body feels and operates if you ignore symptoms at sustained high dosages. 

Patients can get serious liver issues with a sustained paracetamol usage at a tenth of that dose!  We do see one to two deaths each year in USA from Vitamin A toxicity (and tens of thousands of pharmaceutical deaths, but we will conveniently shut up about that) and these are fools who take 100,000ius right up to 500,000ius a day for months on end. Foolishness is abound, in natural and pharma medicine takers.

Your best form of Vitamin A is beta-carotene, but the palmitate is more effective with adrenal fatigue for several biochemical reasons, and conversion does not have to take place to an active form of Vitamin A in the liver. Hence the use of palmitate."


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