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Friday, June 10, 2011

Man accuses Coca Cola of poisoning his wife

Coca-Cola has hired a security firm to shadow its Invercargill staff as they make deliveries after death threats were made against them.

Coca-Cola Amatil New Zealand managing director George Adams yesterday confirmed an Invercargill man had threatened to kill Coca-Cola staff working in the city.

Since the threat, staff had been asked to wear plain clothes at work, were travelling in un-branded vehicles, and were accompanied by security officers.

The man said his wife died in February last year and his claims she was poisoned by Coca-Cola were "patently untrue" but his threats against staff in Invercargill were being taken serious-ly by the company, Mr Adams said.

The man was "very irate".

Coca-Cola received a letter from Otago-Southland coroner David Crerar about a month ago, asking for comment on an inquest for the woman.

She was believed to have consumed up to 10 litres of soft drink a day and eaten very little, and died early last year, Mr Adams said.
Rest of article here.
I am not surprised that the husband of the woman who died was upset with the Coca Cola company.  Coca Cola is addictive.  That it might allegedly kill (indirectly, of course) does not surprise me.

One case about 10 years ago which motivated me to throw in working within the mainstream rehabilitation system was a woman who had not worked in ten years due to chronic fatigue and RSI.  She drank eight liters of Diet Coke every day, plus coffee and smoked.  But we were not allowed to address these lifestyle issues because she was funded only for injury treatment to get her "work ready" (We failed, by the way).  Incidentally, she had been undergoing numerous invasive tests at the hospital over the last year or so  to locate the cause of severe abdominal pains that were crippling her with increasing frequency!  Nobody had done a diet recall - just another endoscopy thanks!  Talk about overlooking the obvious.

Lest I depress you too much, let me tell you about the dentistry patient who eroded all the enamel off his teeth by drinking Coca Cola daily, costing him thousands of dollars in repairs.  His dentist suggested that he send a letter of complaint to Coca Cola.  He wrote his letter and sent it off.  Coca Cola responded quickly  with a letter of condolence from Management and a free crate of his favourite brew delivered right to his doorstep!

We just can't win.

While I may have singled out Coca Cola for this post, there is probably not much difference, health-wise, between one soft drink beverage and another - its what is in them that does the damage, as well as how much is consumed and how often.

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Wayne said...

i used to get chronic gut pain on a single can of diet coke when they used nutrasweet in it, its proven to cause cancer in lab rats, so they changed to another carcinogen instead that hasnt been banned yet, sucralose....

Anonymous said...

"Imagine inventing a drug that was dirt cheap to make, highly addictive, totally legal, and could be sold readily to children who become hooked for life. Like cigarettes but without the bad press. Imagine pushing it for over a century and getting away with it…"