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Friday, June 10, 2011

Which rebounder is best for a heavy man?

"Hi Gary,

Having returned two Maxi Fit rebounders (max 100kg limit) from Rebel Sport I was wondering which rebounder you would suggest.

I am a fit 184cm 94kg male who rebounds 30 mins a day.

Many thanks for your advice."
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The cheap rebounders have inline springs that are generally light duty and all wound in one direction.  These springs are linked to the frame by insertion into holes that have been drilled into the frames.  With use, the springs gradually bite into the frame, causing the bed to lose firmness.  The springs will eventually snap at the point where they bite into the frame.  Such rebounders will not withstand regular use by any person, let alone a heavy one.  In my experience, these always wear out with even light use and one may be forever replacing springs (if you can get them!).

The best rebounder by far is the the Lymphacizer brands.  While they may be a hundred dollars or more than the cheap ones, these are robust machines that will last a lifetime.  The lymphacizer is sprung with angled helix coiled springs that are paired with clockwise and anticlockwise windings (not the ones in the illustration left).  The springs attach to heavy duty UV resistant beds by metal brackets that attach to the bed with strong webbing.  The springs attach to the frame via welded brackets.  These brackets prevent damage to the frame and springs from anticipated heavy use.  Replacement parts are available; but seldom needed.  These machines give a really positive rebound effect that stimulates lymphatic drainage, hence the name "Lymphacizer".

The Lymphacizer comes in two spring configurations: the R-36 and the R-48.  While the R-48 is designed for commercial gym use, I know of the 36 versions that have faithfully performed for over 15 years in commercial gyms.  If a purchaser is of heavy stature (90kg or more) then it may be prudent to fork out the extra dollars and go for the more heavily sprung R-48

Please go here for more product information.

If purchasing a Lymphacizer for the first time, it is recommended that you add John Wheeler's poster of lymphacizer exercises to your shopping cart.

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