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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What do you suggest for people that have been poisoned by floroquinolone antibiotics?


What do you suggest for people that have been poisoned by floroquinolone antibiotics? Is there anything that can be done? I am desperate.

Thank you."
This issue of antibiotic poisoning is close to my heart.  I lost an aunt in-law who was prescribed antibiotics for a chest infection.  It took a year for her heart to finally give out.  A close family friend spent three months on a ventilator after being prescribed antibiotics.  While he has made an excellent recovery, he has been left with permanent disabilities.

This is what I would do without hesitation if you feel you have been poisoned by antibiotics:
  • Commence immediately Dr Wilson's Adrenal Fatigue Programme.  It will be necessary to complete a consultation with me before these are prescribed.  This can be either by visiting me, by phone or Skype.  Skype is excellent if you can not arrange to visit.  Email me here to set up a consultation.
  • Complete an ICL Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis along with a consultation with me and we will modify the adrenal fatigue programme accordingly.
  • Ensure your diet includes a little protein about every three waking hours, that there is a range of all kinds of fats and there is a rich intake of fruit and vegetables.

While you may have to accept that there is damage from the drugs that is either irreversible, or long-term, there is a lot we can do to improve your overall health and resilience.  What constantly blows me away is just how body and mind can compensate for, or even recover from some of the most intractable of health issues when we simply provide the environment and nutrients that it needs.  This is where the hair tissue mineral analysis is so useful: We treat what we see on the analysis (Bearing in mind the health issues - of course!) and what tends to happen is health gradually improves as the weeks, months and years pass.  Sometimes a person will slip into "spontaneous remission".

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