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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

About drug interactions and debilitating joint pain

I am 63 -- female & very active (cardio & lift moderate to light weights). In the past year I have noticed more debilitating pain in my right knee & shoulder & lower back. X-rays show osteoarthritis & degenerative disc in lower back. I am also on levothyroxine for hypothyroid & zoloft for depression (& once monthly Boniva).
Which of your products is best for me & will not interact with my prescription meds (or cause weight gain!)? I will await your answer.
 There are several issues going on here that need to be addressed.  Simply taking a supplement on its own for joint pain will have disappointing results.

When the thyroid is functioning poorly, there is a loss of calcium from the bone and this tends to be deposited into the soft tissues, including the joints.  This shows up as progressive loss of bone density, arthritis, including spurring of the joint margins, muscle pain, fatigue and the calcification of the blood vessels (arteriosclerosis).  There is always an adrenal fatigue component which impacts directly on thyroid function.  Prescribing a thyroid medication may partially alleviate matters but not entirely because the other glandular factors are being ignored.  Thyroid problems are often preceded by events of significant stress and poor eating.

Taken for depression, Zoloft may give some relief during the first month after which any benefits to mood are mostly lost due to habituation.  From thereon, the drug is taken just to be able to continue to function during the day, let alone to feel "good".  Due to its messy effects on nerve neurotransmitters the user may suffer increasing fatigue, joint and muscle pain and blood pressure may fluctuate wildly. 

Depression is closely associated with adrenal fatigue and associated thyroid dysfunction.  Medicating for depression does not address these underlying drivers.

Boniva is a bisphosphonate drug that I consider to be one of the most awful drugs that are commonly prescribed.  It works by killing off healthy bone.  It is so toxic that it can only be taken once a month and the person may not lie down after taking the drug otherwise it will burn out the oesophagus!  In my opinion, these drugs should be banned.  How a doctor can continue to prescribe these drugs when there is so much evidence of serious harm, is beyond me.

Notice how slick drugs marketers use uplifting names for these poisons to lull people into a false sense of safety and security: Boniva Bon = good or well and iva = uplifting. 
What to do:
  • Stop taking the Boniva immediately.  This can be done safely with the only side effects of doing so being feeling much better.
  • Do not stop taking the other two without first consulting your doctor.  If your Dr is not supportive of a staged withdrawal, first of the depression drug and then the thyroid medication (given  you have not had your thyroid removed or irradiated), then consider finding another doctor.
  • While you are at it you might like to amuse yourself by testing the knowledge of your health professional.
  • Please read these articles about adrenal fatigue.
  • Commence an adrenal and thyroid support programme by first doing this assessment then emailing me your scores.  We will then take things from there.  An adrenal and thyroid support programme will not interfere with your current medication but will prepare you for a safe withdrawal from them later on.
Be prepared for this process of recovery of health to be a long journey in terms of years, rather than months.  But do not despair - begin your journey with one step, then the next and the next.....  The sooner you start, the sooner you get there, no matter the distance.

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