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Monday, June 20, 2011

Use of the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for detection of infection in the body

Cu (copper) and Fe (iron) are more or less in balance.
My quest for good health has been guided by hair tissue mineral analyses (HTMA) which have been repeated at about once yearly intervals over the last five years.  Each time the HTMA is repeated their cumulative value increases.  Take the detection of infection for example.

The body has many ingenious methods for combating infection.  In the case of parasitic and bacterial infection, one defense mechanism is to deprive the invader of life-giving iron (Fe).  Without Fe, these creatures can not thrive and multiply with their usual vigour.  Consequently weakened by this deprivation, the body is better able to win the battle, or at least, contain it.

Fe has risen significantly relative to Cu, indicating a
possible chronic infection in the body.
The body does this by sequestering as much circulating Fe as it can inside the cells, rendering it unavailable to invading organisms.  This increased sequestering of iron in the cells may be experienced as chronic fatigue (Often referred to as "infectious anaemia").  Giving a person with infectious anaemia an iron supplement is the wrong thing to do unless the source of the infection is first eliminated (Then the need for an iron supplement is also eliminated!).  When iron is deposited into the joint tissues, this may be experienced as joint pain, including rheumatoid arthritis.  This explains why this kind of arthritis often follows an infection.

Fe is again in balance with Cu several months following
treatment for a dental abscess.
This is seen on the HTMA as high Fe relative to copper (Cu).  Normal Cu levels must be restored in order for the body to use this stored iron.

If you look at my HTMA of August 2009 and compare with the next just a few months later, there is significant increase in cellular Fe relative to Cu.  Having eliminated the possibility of a parasitic infection, my attention turned to the next highest possibility: dental abscess.  I consulted my brother, a dentist, and sure enough - he found the tell-tale signs of an abscess deep alongside a molar.  Digging deep, a stinky reservoir of puss was released!

A few months later, I produced a career best in a mountain bike race over 40km.  I put this down, in part, to the release of oxygen delivering Fe back into the circulation, giving me a welcomed energy boost.  Refer to the third HTMA above which indicates that there is no longer an ongoing infection in my body.  I feel damn good!

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