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Saturday, July 09, 2011

My Big Toe is very sore, sometimes swollen

"Could you help me please, My big toe is very sore, sometimes swollen and has very limited movement.
This has developed over the last couple of years and has now got to the stage I can not play 9 holes of golf.
I have have been to my specialist and he recommends surgery to fuse the toe bones together I'm not happy about this, have you a solution.
I had a number of heart attacks... and on the usual heart medication."

Medications as follows
Asperin 100mg
Dilitiazem 120mg twice day
Metaprolol suffocate 47.5 mg 
Simavistin 80 mg 
Omeprazole 40mg
Oxybutynin chloride 5 mg

Male, late 50's. Worked as a tiler up till about 10 years ago.
The big toe is your "canary in the coal mine" and is your early warning that not all is well elsewhere in your body.

In this case, the medications being taken for several years must be highly suspect.  The Simvastatin and Oxybutynin are both known to cause joint pain, swelling.  While drugs must undergo rigorous safety trials before release, I am not aware of any requirements that there be similar testing of the safety of mixing these very same drugs.  Each drug comes with its own set of side effects and the potential complications when these are mixed can be mind boggling.  In my opinion, prescribing six different medications is hazardous to health.  I accept that there is a good reason for prescribing each of the above; but this is an example of one drug leading to another: Omeprazole is prescribed to offset the digestion upsets of an earlier medication, as is oxybutynin.  This kind of progressive prescribing, while justified by the prescriber, is a slippery slope downhill, leading to further health problems such as the sore toe.  Chopping the toe may give relief to the current pain; but does not deal with whatever may be going on inside.  What will be next?  The other big toe?  The ankle? Liver problems?  Kidney?  You need to go back to your doctor and discuss the possibility that your sore toe is being caused by one or more medications.  I really do think you need to stop the suspect drugs.  See what your doctor has to say.
Lead is present in many
 materials used by tradesmen.
Lead damages arteries,
bones and joints.

Please read these articles about statins.  You will gather that I do not have much time for this class of drugs.

Please read these articles about "sore toe" of which there are over 30.  Massage and manipulation of the sore toe is an option; but not before the cause of the pain and swelling is first identified and then rectified.  You could start taking some of the supplements recommended in these articles - supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin.  While you search for the underlying causes.

Tradesmen who work with solvents, chalk, paint and timber are exposed to many toxic substances, such as lead, cadmium and arsenic, that build up in the body, wreaking metabolic havoc over the decades.  Years after exposure to these toxins has ceased, they remain in the body, rusting away the insides.  These toxic elements may contribute to conditions like heart disease, arthritis and even Parkinsons to name a few.

Good health, including resolution of the toe pain, getting up at night for a pee and so on, is not found through drugs and surgery, although these may be necessary for short term relief and survival.  The key to good health for life comes from identifying all of the underlying biochemical drivers that are leading to a progressive breakdown in health.  This is done with a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and then acting on the results and recommendations.

This article about arteriosclerosis is a good example of how good health is achieved by use of the Hair Analysis programme.  The Hair Tissue Analysis is not a substitute for medication that has already been prescribed; but it does help people chart a course to good health.  As health improves one of the wonderful benefits is being able to progressively reduce, or cease medications - but those are decisions to be made between you and your doctor!

The first action is to order a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and then get going!

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