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Friday, January 13, 2012

Evil Mr Sunshine

What's the skin cancer rate among New Zealand Polynesians?  I could not find any figures so asked my dermatologist.  In his opinion the rate was negligible - no more than 1/50th that for Caucasians.

So, why do we force children of darker-skinned races to "slip-slop-slap!" when they go to school?  Are we not harming their health?  In my opinion we are.

Here in the Southern Hemisphere it is mid summer and the dire warnings about the sun are once again being broadcast from the parapets.

But I have a problem with these "one-size fits-all" sound-byte health warnings.  When it comes to sun exposure we must take account of skin type.  A dark-skinned person may need up to 50 times the sun exposure of a fair person in order to stay healthy.  So, the sun health messages that apply to "white" New Zealand may be doing enormous harm to our darker-skinned citizens.

When going out in the sun, the degree of protection needed is dependent on skin type.  So, my fair-skinned niece, Jasmin, takes considerable care not to get burned; whereas my brown-skinned son, Alama, can play all day in the sun without as much as a hat.  Both will be getting their vitamin D from different degrees of exposure to the sun.

You'll love this video:

Yet another example of big business pushing health products that may be harmful. Our very own Cancer Society has been captured.  Far from being an advocate on our behalf, it comes across as being an advocate for the "cancer industry".  One of its main sources of income is from the sale of sunscreen products.  In my opinion, this compromises its advocacy role.

So, let's get this right: Stay out of the sun and slap all of these chemicals over your body to hopefully prevent one form of cancer.  But, in so doing, you are increasing your risk of dozens of other forms of cancer, including breast, prostate, ovarian and bowel cancer, as well as many, many other diseases.

Not getting out in the sun risks developing vitamin D deficiency.  Up to 90% of the population now have low to deficient levels of vitamin D.  Vitamin D is essential for health for people of all ages, including children who the cancer industry spends a lot of effort targeting (It preys on parental fears for the safety of their child).

Here’s a list of diseases that are caused or made worse by vitamin D deficiencies. • Acute lower respiratory infection • Anaphylaxis • Anemia • Anxiety • Arthritis • Asthma • Atherosclerosis • Autism • Autoimmune diseases • Bipolar disorder • Brain damage • Breast-tissue density • Chronic fatigue • Chronic pain • Cognitive ability • Colds • Craniotabes • C-reactive protein levels • Crohn’s disease • Cystic fibrosis • Dental caries (cavities) • Depression • Diabetes • Dyslexia • Eczema • Epilepsy • Falls • Fibromyalgia • Flu • Fractures • Headache • Hearing loss • Heart disease • Heart failure • High cholesterol • HIV/AIDS • Hypertension • Immune system dysfunction • Infertility • Inflammation • Inflammatory bowel disease • Insomnia • Intermittent claudication • Kidney disease • Leprosy • Leukemia • Low-back pain • Low birth weight • Lupus • Macular degeneration • Melanoma • Meningitis (bacterial) • Metabolic Syndrome • Migraines • Multiple sclerosis (MS) • Muscle strength (low) • Myeloma • Myopathy • Myopia • Necrotizing fasciitis • Neuroblastoma • Neuropathy • Nonspecific muscle pain • Nursing home risk • Obesity • Osteomalacia • Osteoporosis • Parasites • Parkinson’s disease • Periodontal disease • Peripheral artery disease • Pneumonia • Polycystic ovary disease • Pre-eclampsia • Psoriasis • Retinoblastoma • Rickets • Schizophrenia • Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) • Sepsis • Septicemia • Stroke • Tuberculosis Source: Dr. Mercola

Of course, we must be sensible and be careful not to burn when going out in the sun.  So, get outdoors and enjoy the health benefits of sunshine!

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