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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

About salt replacement during marathon training

Gary sweating like crazy while cycling around
Upolo, Samoa
Hi Gary
Sorry for the late reply - i actually had replied to your email about potential Adrenal Fatigue (I'm training for the gold coast marathon, and it's summer time in Qld, i had been suffering from dehydration) ....

I had a good read of your website like you suggested. Some great info. One thing that really stood out was the Pink Salt. 

All i can say is, WOW - what a difference. 

That 1st week using it, was my biggest volume week in many months. 
And the next week, This week, looks set to be a bigger volume week again - Should easily hit 7hrs. (It's now Sunday - last day of week, and 6hrs 20min done for the week, 2hrs done Saturday and will knock out 1hr today for weekly total of 7hrs 20min) And this week had a massive Heat Wave from Sun - Wed. 

No issue with dehydration at all. Loving it. 

The Hair analysis is a great idea - esp when things are not going according to plan. I have a few clients like that. (alcohol normally.....)  

I still cannot get over how well the Pink Salt has effected me - It makes perfect sense too. 
You're a life saver

Thanks for the feedback - always appreciated.

One thing this email highlights is the solutions to many health and training issues are often ridiculously simple and often very obvious.  In this case the leading cause of this runner's dehydration and exhaustion was lack of salt.  Runners need heaps of salt and one of the worst things they can do is follow a low salt dietary regime.  But not just any salt.

Avoid refined salt which has only NaCl plus a little iodine in it.  Go for the salt that civilisations were built upon the trade of - pink salt which contains at least 80 different minerals, including NaCl.

Public health sound bytes such as "cut the salt" are not always right.  In fact this health byte has got it terribly wrong and have done so for the last 20 years and caused so many health problems such as chronic fatigue, confusion, blood pressure problems, osteoporosis, thyroid and adrenal disorders and heart disease.  The new health byte should be:

"Cut the refined salt - Increase the pink salt!"

To date, I have seen no health problems with consuming pink Himalyan salt daily at the base rate of about one rounded teaspoon per day - more if you are doing heavy exercise and sweating a lot.  All I have seen is health benefits including better sporting performance.

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