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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cosmetics, Cancer, Brain Disease and other Ailments

Sky-High levels of lead from hair dye
Cancer rates have more than tripled over the last 30 or so years.  There are many environmental factors such as lack of sunlight, chemicals in plastics, depletion of selenium and zinc in our diet - and the widespread use of chemical-laden cosmetics - to name just a few.

Apparently the cosmetics industry in Europe has banned 1222 times more chemicals than the US.  I do not know the situation in New Zealand but there is a problem: The graph to the right shows a woman who has lead poisoning that can only be from dyeing her grey hair with a hair dye that contained lead sulphate!

At school assembly, all the boys, including my 12 year old, were told to use deodorants (a source of aluminium) to combat body odour!  Aluminium is a known carcinogen and neurotoxin - cripes!  Its almost impossible for a parent to over-ride peer pressure.  My view is that, if a boy stinks, the solution is to have a bath or shower - not cake the body with cancer causing chemicals.  So what did we end up doing after months of whining pressure - we gave in but made sure the deodorant was aluminium-free.  But I remain highly annoyed that the school did this, stepping into an area that must surely be the responsibility of a child's parents.

Playing right into the hands of Big Industry which has only one motive - Getting their hands firmly in your back pocket - Nothing to do with your health, that's for sure!
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Unknown said...

Well, the 4th estate has abandoned its role as watchdog, and big corporate America virtually owns the airwaves, as well as all the Senators - the voices in the wildnerness like yours, telling consumers what they need to know, don't penetrate all the "you're not good enough as you are but if you buy this product you will be, and find love" messages bombarding them from the CPG companies.

Gary Moller said...

Thanks for the feedback Sandra. It really is sad how so much of our lives is dominated by commercial interests, even to who has control over our armpits!

Please pass the word around. I sometimes think we are fighting an insurgency!