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Monday, April 16, 2012

Run for your Life Workshop for injury-free running

I was riding up a very steep Brooklyn Hill today taking my son, Alama (12), on his 2nd ever outing on a real mountain bike complete with cleats when I heard a load slapping sound coming from somebody running down the hill.  He was running in a pair of barefoot runners, landing heels first with a bone-crunching slap and thud!  It was a sickening sight and sound: All I could see were multiple injuries in the making.

While I have no problems at all with barefoot runners (I am the proud owner of a pair), I do worry that far too many people are getting on the barefoot bandwagon with hardly any idea of how to run efficiently.  Rupert Watson to the rescue (If you live in Wellington).  Please read the flyer below:

Run for your Life

For runners of any age who want to go the whole distance.

Running may be natural, but it is intense, with some 60% of runners injured in some way each year.
You can cut down your chance of injury, or speed your recovery, with a better running form and style.

This workshop will do just that.

You will learn:

* more about your feet than you thought you ever would, plus how to look after them

* key basics of healthy, sustainable running form

* individual assessment of your own style

* drills to help you gain and maintain good form

* effective fascial stretches for key body parts

* an innovative warm-up routine, also good to start the day

* 2 Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons critical to good running, re length of your body and re coordination of shoulders, head and hips.

Key details:

When: Sunday 29 April

Time: 12.30 - 4.30

Venue: Newtown Park Community Rooms

Cost: $50

Trainers: Femke Keone, exercise kinesiologist and once triathlete; Rupert Watson, evergreen runner from 100m to Half Marathons, once (always!) Scottish , now in Wairarapa with Ruamahanga Ramblers and Wgtn Masters.

To register email Rupert Watson on
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