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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Anti-osteoporosis drugs - All Harm and no Good

Well, what do you know?  The number of lawsuits in the US against just one brand of bisphophonates (Fosamax) now exceeds 1,000!

These are horrific drugs which continue to be advertised on prime time television in New Zealand with no regard at all for the horrific side effects including osteonecrosis of the jaw ("fossy jaw") - The poor victim risks losing her jaw bone!  And all this prescribed by medical people who are supposed to be in the "health" business and who should know better.  Where's the care?

Here is the search string for many of the articles I have written on the subject.

Latest article from Tom Lamb:

Risk Of Femur Fractures From Osteoporosis Drugs Fosamax, Boniva, Actonel, And Reclast Related To Number Of Years Used

Using These Bisphosphonates More Than Three (3) To Five (5) Years May Not Only Increase Side Effect Risk But There May Be No Benefit To Most Patients
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In May 2012 there were medical journal articles in The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) and the Archives of Internal Medicine which, together, may cause millions of women to stop using the popular osteoporosis drugs Fosamax (or alendronate, its generic equivalent), Boniva, Actonel, and Reclast due to these two primary findings:

First: There is an increased risk of atypical fractures (low-stress) of the femur in women who have used these bisphosphonate osteoporosis drugs for more than five (5) years; and,

Second: For perhaps 60% to 70% of women currently using Fosamax, Boniva, Actonel, Reclast, and other bisphosphonates there is little to no benefit when these osteoporosis medications are used for more than three (3) to five (5) years.]  Full article here.

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Anonymous said...

Recently I saw a TV advert for Fosamax and it started me thinking that, being in my 50s, I should start taking something like this to offset the risk of osteoporosis. Luckily I got an email update that day from Gary which coincidentally featured an article about the risks with these kinds of over the counter drugs and it made me realise as a consumer I needed to be more careful and questioning before just believing what companies say about their product. you've got to do your research!