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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Feedback from a happy half marathon runner

"Hi there gary.
Once again your advice paid off. I got through my half marathon on the weekend pretty well. Didn't time it perfectly as the last 2km the body had done its dash , but i had done enough earlier on to get me through to the finish to do a pb. I went 3 min quicker than i have before.(1hr 27min) I've put the blow out with 2km to go down to a faster first 5km than usual. This was something i wanted to try out on myself to see how it would go. Next time it will be a notch slower over the first 5km. 
Thanks again gary. Your free information and knowledge is 2nd to none."

I now have over 1,300 articles and e-books sitting online eagerly awaiting download.  This all free information that is funded by my tiny webstore. I count on the occasional person, out of the hundreds of thousands of readers who make use of these online freebies, to purchase something off me.  Thank goodness some do!  Otherwise this rather unique service would not exist.

Here's an example of what a Google search brings up: "gary moller training for a marathon".  Try Googling my name, plus any key word about health, nutrition or fitness and see what pops up.  For example try: "gary moller super smoothie".  There's a heap of information sitting out there.  I have been busy.

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The advice in these articles is given freely without promise or obligation.  Its all about giving you and your family the tools and information to take control of your health and fitness.

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