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Monday, May 21, 2012

Head injuries in sport - a serious health problem

"Is an entertaining sport that is shortening the lives of its players and turning the twilight years of veterans into nightmare scenarios really worth it?
At very least, it's worth considering drastic changes to the sport in terms of preventing head trauma, greatly improving equipment and making diagnosis and treatment of concussions a focus of sports medicine. Progress has been made in all of these areas, but more is needed.
The link that some have seen between the suicides of Duerson and Seau underscores the horrible issues that follow from playing football. Long after the final whistle has blown, long after the players leave the locker room, the lingering effects of playing a game are eroding and ending lives."
Please go here to read the complete article.  While the article is about American Football, the message applies to all sports and activities that risk knocks to the head.  

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