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Saturday, May 19, 2012

"I am trying to help someone located in Florida USA whom I believe is suffering from toxicity from these drugs (Levaquin)... She is barley able to work her part time job with the post office and has no insurance... its a nightmare for her. She wouldn't be able to survive on social security dissablity even IF she qualified. What are people to do?" _______________________________
My understanding about these drugs is the damage from them, when things go wrong, it is pretty much permanent.  Sadly.  Why any doctor would prescribe this class of drug is beyond me.  Refer here for more information.  And here is the link to a number of articles I have written on the topic of quinolones.

However, this does not mean throwing in the towel on life.  Rather, it is a challenge that has been thrown before your friend and one that must be taken up and run with.  Now what should your friend do?  The strategy I suggest she follows is to do what she can to maximise her health with nutritional therapies that are known to improve health and well-being.  Do each of the following for blocks of three months in this order.

  1. Take 150mg of Coenzyme Q-10 daily, plus four Algotene capsules daily and four Reparen capsules daily.
  2. Take 2 capsules of Zinc Plus and 2 Molyzinc daily plus 2 teaspoons of Daily C
  3. Take Dr 3 tablets each of Wilsons Adrenal Stress, Adrenal C and Adrenal Rebuilder daily.
  4. Finally two Memax capsules daily for three months.
Take one scoop of Super Smoothie daily from the very beginning to ensure that she has a steady intake of protein and a balance of vitamins and minerals.

It is highly recommended that she complete a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.  This will help accurately guide what is recommended above.

It would be best if she was to contact me directly before proceeding with any of these recommendations.

Wishing you both good health.

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