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Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to effortlessly fit a tubeless tyre onto a mountain bike wheel

Are you sick and tired of continuously struggling to fit a tubeless tire? Gary Moller, demonstrates how to easily fit a tire in just minutes. The tire being fitted is a Continental Cylocross tire which does not have the rimming that for tubeless fitting that is standard on most quality
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wheel alignment said...

Over the course of researching this story it became clear that, while there's no one tire that's right for everything and everyone, making the right choice becomes a whole lot easier if you understand the basics of tire design.

Gary Moller said...

here - here! Over 30 years of pedaling bikes for me the No1 vexed issue always is tyre selection. It seems I hardly ever get it right especially with MTB because of the varied terrain and surfaces. A few CX races ago I fitted tyres that clogged. I ended up with the booby prize for the most wipeouts (8 in total). I came a humiliating 2nd to last - damn the tyres!

Jiten said...

Its Really Great...