BVaimoana Tapaleao
5:30 AM Wednesday Apr 17, 2013

Lorraine Moller. File photo / Nigel MarpleLorraine Moller. File photo / Nigel Marple
Olympic medallist and past Boston Marathon winner Lorraine Moller broke down as she watched the horrifying scenes unfold at a finish line she knows well.
Ms Moller, who won the race in 1984, is originally from Putaruru but now lives in Colorado with her husband and daughter.
She had planned to go to this year's event to help organisers - something she had done for the past few years - but with her husband away decided to stay home with 12-year-old daughter Jasmine.
"I thought to miss it this year and go next year and I'm glad I did.
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Lorraine Moller on her way to winning
the inaugural London Marathon (1980)

Let's hope the London Marathon, this weekend, goes ahead unaffected by the tragic events in Boston.
As an aside, the first London Marathon (1980) was an all-woman affair, sponsored by Avon Cosmetics and organised by Kathrine Switzer, now a resident of Wellington, NZ. (Yes - Its a small World!).
This race proved to the IOC that women distance runners really could put on a sporting spectacle worthy of inclusion in the Olympics.  It was due to the spectacular success of this marathon in 1980 which attracted as many as a million spectators onto the streets of London, that the the women's marathon was introduced to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.