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Friday, May 10, 2013

Are you iodine deficient?

Did you know that:

  • Up to 95% of the US population is iodine deficient (Brownstein, D, 2012).  The same figures will apply to the rest of us as well, unless you have a seaweed soup every morning!
  • According to the World Health Organisation, nearly 2 billion individuals has insufficient iodine intake, a third being of school age. (WHO, 2008)
  • Women who are pregnant need about 50% more iodine than other women to provide enough iodine for their baby (Pearce et al,. 2004)
Deficiency symptoms: 
Deficiency of iodine can have serious effects. The symptoms of iodine deficiency include frustration, depression, mental retardation, poor perception levels, goiter, abnormal weight gain, decreased fertility, coarse skin, chances of still birth in expectant mothers,constipation and fatigue. In severe cases mental retardation associated with diseases such as cretinism, characterized by serious physical malformations, could be the result. According to WHO reports, iodine deficiency is one of the leading causes of mental retardation all over.

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