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Friday, February 27, 2015

Stretching exercises for runners and cyclists

Around about 1980, when working for ACC as their national coordinator of sports and recreation safety, I wrote a booklet for ACC "Stretching and Warmup Exercises for Runners" and ran a national campaign to publicise the importance of warming up prior to training and competition.  This public injury prevention campaign was in response to the organised "fun-running" boom of the time, partly driven by a radio series called (I recall) "Women on the Run", which was also sponsored by ACC (ACC was very proactive in the sports injury prevention at the time - I wonder why?). This radio series was such a success that the sports shops were literally cleaned out of women's running shoes and running clothing!

Over 200,000 copies of the booklet were distributed.

I have created a simple little E-Publication from scans of the original booklet which has long been out of print.  You will notice the very handsome male model with a great head of hair in the illustrations! The e-book contains what are among the most important stretches for a runners and cyclists to do. These are suitable for incorporation into a pre-competition warm up routine; but mainly for doing daily, such as in the evening when you are warm and relaxed.

Here it is folks!

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