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Monday, September 16, 2013

The evidence grows that extended cell and cordless phone use does cause brain cancer

"Studies carried out in Sweden indicate that those who begin using either cordless or mobile phones regularly before age 20 have greater than a fourfold increased risk of ipsilateral glioma."

My advice before you read the article below:
  • Don't believe everything the authorities and industry experts tell you: There is no safe lower limit for both non-ionising or ionising radiation (cell and cordless phones are non-ionising radiation microwave emitters).
  • Use the microphone on your cell and cordless phone and hold the phone away from your body when it is in use, or
  • Use a plugged in head phone (not a Blue Tooth receiver which emits radiation) when using your cell or cordless phone.
  • Carry your cell phone in a bag rather than on your body and turn it completely off at every opportunity.
  • Discourage your children from carrying their phones near their groins (Which means it is adjacent to delicate reproductive organs, eggs and sperm - not good!).
  • Discourage your children from sleeping with their phone turned on under their pillow, or elsewhere next to their bodies (A child's - and adult's - cells are rapidly dividing during sleep which makes them most vulnerable to gene damage).
  • Airport full body scanners (not the metal detectors) emit either ionising or non-ionising radiation that is concentrated in the top few mm of flesh - definitely not safe!). Request a friendly pat-down.
Does Extended Use of Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer?
Two recent studies provide fuel for both camps: They both find the association between brain cancer and cell phone use is dubious. Does this mean they found no associations? Hardly.
The debate about whether cell phones cause brain tumors continues as two new studies appear to illustrate that brain cancers do not rise as a result to increased cell phone use – at least until the data is looked at more closely.
In the first of the two – from the University of Oxford's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) – followed 791,710 middle aged-women for seven years – after they reported their cell phone use in 1999, 2005 and 2009.
The research discovered 51,680 invasive cancers and 1,261 central nervous system cancers during the period.

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