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Monday, December 23, 2013

Here's to an even better year coming up - Thanks to you!

Alofa and Gary: Orongorongo Valley 2013
This year has been a wonderful one for us.  Our medical nutrition business has had unprecedented success, as has our own health.
There have been two outstanding developments, this year, that require mention:
  1. The introduction of the Thyrodine test for accurately assessing a person's thyroid and iodine status and
  2. My (Gary) being employed by Interclinical Laboratories of Australia to tour New Zealand and Australia as their guest Practitioner Presenter (More about both of these below).
My (Gary) own breakthroughs in health have continued in leaps and bounds and it shows in the way that I can crank a bike at speed nowadays:
Alofa and I could not have been any busier business-wise.  While the money from this line of work is not the best, the number of satisfied clients flowing through our doors has been incredibly motivating and satisfying (There are no health system subsidies).
We want to pay tribute to several special people who have helped to make this year such a great success:

Ian Tracton and Zac Bobrov

Interclinical Laboratories.  Thank you so much for having  me as the Practitioner Presenter for your Practitioner Education Series for 2013, and also for providing a faultless laboratory service for the Interclinical Hair Tissue Analysis. Your disciplined adherence to good science has helped to keep me on the straight and narrow - thank you!

Dr Eric Bakker and Adam Ryan

Nutrisearch.  Eric, for being such a valued professional mentor and educator and to you, Adam, and your staff, for keeping us supplied with practitioner products and services of Gold Medal quality throughout the year.  Your practitioner education courses and the new Thyrodine test have been so important for ensuring we kept moving forward and always at the cutting edge of nutritional medicine.  Thank you!

David Carter and Amy Wallace

Pacific Health.  Thank you both, as well as Agnes and the rest of your hard-working staff, to keep our shelves stocked with quality practitioner products and to answer all of our curly questions without hesitation.  As per normal, your practitioner training courses have been so valuable.  We are now past our 30th year of working with you - That's got to be some kind of longevity record!

Dr James Wilson and Dr Daryl Turner

The international adrenal and thyroid Gurus!  Thank you both for your excellent practitioner education courses during the year.  And thank you for introducing me to your innovative Thyrodine test which has been a huge breakthrough for us - Thank you, thank you!  It works beautifully with the Interclinical Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis which we have worked hard for years to perfect its use of.  The Thyrodine test fills one important gap in the hair test which shows adrenal and thyroid dysfunction; but not how much iodine we need to give to help correct matters, or of the influence of the toxic halides - fluorine, chlorine and bromine.
Ian, Zac, Eric, David, Amy, Agnes, Eric, Adam, James and Daryl - Your enthusiasm, loyalty and professionalism is exceptional - outstanding.  Great people to work with - Great service!

Our customers and readers

And thank you to all of you!  For your moral support and for your custom.  Thank you for patiently sticking with our slow-acting nutritional and lifestyle therapies.  Thank you for having faith enough to put up with the bad times as well as the good during your pursuit of good health.  Thank you a million times and good on you for your patiently won successes!

Here's to an even better year coming up!

"Are you going to be a Fit Kiwi?"

Alofa Kosena and Gary Moller

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