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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Super Smoothie for marathon training nutrition

"Hi there, I am starting my training for the 50th Rotorua Marathon and looking to run 4 hrs or just
Lorraine paid attention to running nutrition
under. I am very interested in the 'Super smoothie Mix' but would like to know which other products I should purchase to accompany this mix so that I can add it all together and get on with it! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, I have seen the recipe for the super smoothie including a raw egg but really couldn't stomach that, can you recommend an alternative to a raw egg. Thank you for your time."
Your inquiry is good timing, Janine, because I was thinking of writing a New Year article about nutrition for marathon training.  Its a big year for the Rotorua race.

My family and the Rotorua Marathon

I was very tempted to run the 50th Rotorua Marathon myself.  I ran it three times during the 1970's each in a time comfortably under the 3hr mark.  A friend even offered to pay my entry as a 60th present but I declined.  My father, Gordon, ran about 20 of the Rotorua Marathons during its early days when it was known as the "Fletcher Marathon" .  Gordon gained the reputation as being "Mr three hours" because he was always remarkably within a minute either side of the 3hr mark.  He started to notice that clusters of runners were hanging about him during the early stages of the marathon.  Little did they know that Dad was a rather erratic runner when it came to pacing and tended to speed up and slow down which is not the most efficient way to run a marathon!  An even pace throughout is best.  If three hours was a runner's goal, then latching onto Dad was not a good idea.

Super Smoothie for marathon training

The Super Smoothie mix that you find here is close to the complete nutritional formula for a marathon runner.  When I do the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis on distance runners there is consistent depletion of many nutrients including magnesium, zinc, chromium and manganese.  The Super Smoothie formula has all of these in generous amounts.  It is 100% compatible with fussy vegetarians and comes from Douglas Laboratories which consistently ranks among the highest for quality of their ingredients.

Manganese, for example, appears to be severely depleted in most athletes.  Manganese is essential for glucose and cholesterol metabolism, as is chromium and the high metabolic demands of distance training may explain the depletion in athletes.  It is interesting to note that manganese is also required for bone, tendon and cartilage tissue.  Depletion of manganese is closely linked with hip joint abnormalities and conditions such as Perthes and Osgood-Schlatters.  The Super Smoothie has a good lot of high quality manganese.


Iodine is an additional ingredient that I would add to the Super Smoothie.  Iodine deficiency runs at about 90% of the population.  Deficiency is associated with just about every health condition in the book, including fatigue, muscle weakness and poor recovery.  It appears that athletes are among the worst when it comes to iodine levels.  Again, this may be due to the high metabolic demands stressing supply.  Iodine is integral to energy production as well as for tissue repair and building.  To get the iodine you need requires a prescription.  The iodine that you can purchase across the counter is next to useless in terms of potency. You need to do this test in order to determine your iodine needs before I can give you iodine to add to the Super Smoothie:

Contact me by email if you want to do this test.

Whey protein

I quite like to add a scoop of good quality unflavoured whey for an additional punch of protein.  The whey also adds to the smoothness of the mix.  The pea protein in the Douglas Ultra Protein has a slight "grainy" feel to it.  Here is the link to some fresh New Zealand protein:

Do not take huge amounts of protein: Have a little 3-4 times over the day and definitely not as a huge dollop once a day.  Your body does not store protein like it stores fat, so it is best to have a small dribble coming into the circulation from digestion over the day.  The other point about protein powders is to purchase it in small amounts, like one Kg, and then consume it over the next month.  Do not buy a big container which then risks sitting about going rancid. 

Raw egg in your Super Smoothie

 A fresh, raw, free range egg is packed with nutrition and it is very easy to digest when raw.  Any risk of infection like salmonella is minute to say the least.  When blended in with the Super Smoothie, it is barely tasted.  It adds a smoothness to the Super Smoothie.  Try it and if you still can't bear it then leave it out.

Balance Recovery Stack for Marathon training

Balance Recovery Stack is what I would add into your marathon training nutrition.  Have half a scoop of Super Smoothie mix with a scoop of whey protein twice a day, say for breakfast and when you get home from work.  Have the Recovery stack around the time of your training.

One hour to half an hour before each of your training session and immediately after training, have a scoop of Recovery Stack.  Balance Recovery Stack contains ingredients such as beta alanine, HMB and creatine all of which aid recovery and performance.  personally, I would not be without it.
Recovery Stack:

During races

I like Balance Endurance Restore Energy for use during events lasting more than 1-2 hours because it is very good value and does the job well.  If you are going to use it during the race, please do several practice runs with it to ensure that you have worked out the best concentration of the mix to suit your tummy.


The combination of Super Smoothie and Recovery Stack during your training buildup will help ensure that you can get in a fair whack of training between now and April.  The best guarantee of being able to complete the marathon in good time while enjoying it, is to get in the training mileage starting as of right now.  Nutrition is critical to ensure you provide a rich supply of all of the nutritional building blocks required to recover quickly and to get stronger and more durable by the week.

All the best with your training!

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