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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Here is your opportunity to become a Lydiard Foundation, Level I or II Certified Coach

Lydiard Foundation, Level I or II Certified Coach
Peter Snell: Lydiard Coaching in action

Did you know that anybody can call themselves an expert in middle and long distance running; but how do you know they are any better than the rest?  Well, you have no way of knowing, even if they have a university degree in exercise science.  There are no standards, no uniformity and it shows in our inconsistent, hit or miss results in competition.

Well, this is all about to change.  If you hire a Lydiard Foundation Certified Coach, then you will at the least know that this coach has a good understanding of the principles of athletic conditioning that were developed by the most successful running coach of all time - the late Arthur Lydiard.

If you are interested in becoming a Lydiard Foundation, Level I or II Certified Coach, then here is your opportunity!  This is the opportunity to gain a unique coaching qualification that may never come around again - unless you have the time and the money to head over the the United States.

Like so much of our best talent and ideas, such as Arthur Lydiard's medal-winning training system, we have squandered the opportunity to domicile it in New Zealand, instead exporting it to places afar where it is recognised for what it is - a winning formula!  I think this ongoing habit of shunning and ignoring the best we produce is shameful.  Why isn't the Lydiard Foundation headquartered in New Zealand?  (I know why but I am not about to tell you!).

Fortunately, all is not quite lost, with a few expat Kiwis, including Peter Snell and Lorraine Moller,
Pekka Vasala and Kip Keino running with real style
having key roles in the USA-based Lydiard Foundation which is setting about producing a set of uniform coaching standards within the USA for middle and long distance running.

Lorraine will be running two courses through Massey University (details below) and your attendance will help ensure their success.  Perhaps Massey University will leverage the success of these courses to establish a permanent presence of the Lydiard Foundation in the country where it all began.

April Coaching Courses

Ms Moller will be presenting at two Lydiard Foundation Coaching Certification courses Level I and II in April. Both are hosted by Massey University, with the Palmerston North courses running from
April 4-6 and the Albany courses from April 11-13.

Both coaching courses run from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Fees apply and reservations are essential, so contact the School of Sport and Exercise by email: or call (06) 359 5099 ext 81585 to reserve your place.

Lorraine Moller: Boston Marathon winner 1984
It’s a timely topic as athletes these days navigate a labyrinth of information in their search to become better, and as widespread lifestyle diseases contribute to declining fitness levels in the general public.
Massey University national events and sponsorship director Denise Armstrong says hosting the talk and the coaching courses is a perfect match for the University.

"Massey is the leading sports university in New Zealand and the home of more high-performance athletes than any other tertiary institution," she says. "Lorraine Moller is an amazing role model and someone that New Zealand athletes at any stage, and their coaches, can learn valuable lessons from."
Ms Moller had an unprecedented 28-year international running career, and was the only women in the world to have completed all of the first four Olympic marathons for women. She won a bronze medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics in the women’s marathon. She won the Boston Marathon in 1984, was a triple winner of the Osaka Ladies Marathon, and has won three Commonwealth Games medals. Ms Moller was also a forerunner for equality in women’s athletics and an activist for professionalism in distance running.

The Lydiard system, developed by the late Arthur Lydiard, is recognised as the gold standard of endurance systems worldwide and has produced more champions and made more lifetime runners out of beginners than any other system. Ms Moller will discuss whether the system is still relevant in this high-tech age.

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