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Monday, March 24, 2014

Is wisdom tooth extraction an unnecessary operation?

Strong, square jaw structures were once the norm
If you want a headache, debate your dentist about the merits or otherwise of having wisdom teeth extracted.  You will get plenty of arguments based around risks of pain from impacted teeth; but little in the way of scientific evidence that there are long term benefits for the majority of those who have the procedure.  

My personal experience is that these teeth are best left alone.  While there will be discomfort while they erupt and shift into position, this will eventually pass and the result for the majority of people will be four very useful back teeth.  I say this after having had my two lower wisdom teeth extracted at about 21 years of age.  I suffered infected sockets following the surgery and was very sick for several weeks - almost crazy with the pain and sleep loss.  I refused to have the uppers removed and have them today.  They are a good pair of teeth.  I am so glad they were not removed.

I have always felt very uncomfortable with the way patients are pressured with fear tactics to undergo wisdom tooth extraction.  Most cave in to the pressure and agree to the procedure, subjecting themselves to the risk, at considerable cost and for a dubious benefit.  Is it yet another medical procedure that is driven by the motive to make huge profits?  I think so in most cases.

Left: No refined food.  Right: Refined!
Wisdom tooth extraction is a procedure that reminds me very much of mostly unnecessary operations of past times to remove adenoids and tonsils.  Of modern times, it reminds me of the very widespread practice of removing the gall bladder, again with tales of impending death if the operation is not done (There are effective alternatives to gall bladder removal; but mainstream medicine scowl and howl with disapproval at the mere suggestion!).

If there is crowding of the teeth, then we should be asking "Why?"

If you look at studies of the facial structures of indigenous populations prior to the arrival of flour, sugar and MacDonalds, you will realise that perfect teeth was once the norm.  Imperfect teeth, including crowding, are diseases of the modern diet: The substitution of healthy fats and oils (including the fat soluble vitamins) by refined sugars and flour can cause malformation of the facial bones; hence crowding of the teeth.
A dentist, Weston Price (Refer photos, from the work of Weston Price, to the right), first researched this in detail but it is fair to say that he has been largely ignored by mainstream dentistry.

For healthy teeth, including a square, strong jaw:

Far too much calcium and copper in this child!
  • "Mothers to be", expecting and nursing - and little kiddies need to have a diet that is rich in unprocessed fats and oils that a are a mix of animal and vegetable sources.  These are rich in nutrients, including the fat soluble vitamins, needed to build strong bones and teeth in Baby-To-Be.  Start early!  Teeth begin growing even before birth.
  • Have full cream, non-homogenised milk (This is the Silver Top milk in the supermarket).  Low fat milk, by default, is lacking the fats needed for health and have little left of the fat soluble vitamins (No fat = No fat soluble vitamins).  Homogenisation damages the fat.  Best avoided.
  • Eat organ meats such as liver and kidney 2-3 times a week.  Speak to your local butcher about sourcing liver that is free of chemical residues (Liver is the body's "oil filter").
  • Avoid excess calcium, such as cereals, milk and beverages with added calcium.  Too much of a good thing can have the opposite effect - weak bones!
  • It goes without saying that it is best to avoid heavily processed foods, especially those that have flour and sugar added.  These are easy to spot: Food that comes in plastic wrapping with a long shelf life, food that does not need refrigeration, food that has flavourings, colouring, preservatives and stabilisers, food that you can't recognise the original source.   Avoid noodles, white bread, biscuits, sweets, fruit juice and sweetened beverages.  This includes sports drinks and gels.
  • Avoid soy (its everywhere!) unless you are certain that it has been naturally fermented and then only in moderation (Industrially produced soy may be an "anti-nutrient" and may contribute to oestrogen dominance in male and female children, which may mean early puberty for both and "boobs" for the boys.  Refer here for more about soy:
  • Get a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis by a trained Practitioner to assess your individual nutrient and hormonal status.  We are all different while all being the same - Sound Byte nutritional advice for the Masses can be very wrong for the individual, so it is best to figure out what is best for YOU!  Refer example of hair tissue chart above (Too much calcium can wreak havoc with health, especially if it is in the presence of other imbalances, such as excess copper).
You might wonder if this advice is quackery which is fair enough; but it isn't - it is actually common-sense nutrition.  Who do you take your health advice from: A Suit in Manhattan who is dedicated to figuring out how to get their corporate hands on your wallet, or a surgeon for whom an optional surgical procedure is their lucrative bread and butter?

My advice is to be forever vigilant, always questioning what is best for you and your family - not what is best for those who stand to profit.  Exercising common-sense and taking the time to fully research a procedure or health issue before agreeing to undergo the procedure is essential for your long term health and safety - and financial security!  This is especially important where it may be a procedure that takes you down a road of no-return, such as the removal of teeth, or an organ like the gall bladder.  Once gone, they are never coming back - so take care!

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