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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Some handy tips for getting rid of "Fungus Feet"

Did you know that a group of researchers recently isolated over 200 varieties of fungus from between the toes of a healthy subject?

For millions of years we have coexisted with bugs like fungi, yeast, bacteria and viruses, all coexisting as healthy, natural flora on and in our bodies: In fact, we have more of these on and in our bodies than we have cells of our own - amazing!

Yeast and fungi are associated with decay.  In our case, it is the job of these creatures to break down dead and dying organic matter to its base minerals, thus returning us to the soil where we can again be recycled within the cycle of life.  When we are striving for good health, we want these bugs to be on the outside of our cells - not inside, as is the case with fungus infections of the feet.  Unpleasant fungal infections are a sign that all is not well within.

Fungal infections of the feet and toenails are very common, affecting mostly teenage boys and elderly people.  Then there are sub-groups such as swimmers, women on contraceptives and men who work with their hands (and presumably: They wear heavy boots).

Typically the nails become deformed thickened and yellowed and crumbly on trimming.  The skin between the toes may become extremely itchy with wet lesions between them that can be painful.

Topical and oral Anti-fungal medicines may give some relief; but seldom will they give lasting relief.  This is because these drugs do not deal with the underlying causes: Weak body defenses.  The key to keeping fungal infections on the outside lies in keeping the body's immune system in tip-top shape.

Your body has many defense mechanisms, collectively known as your immune system.  A strong immune system requires a rich and balanced supply of nutrients, principally minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, proteins and various carbohydrates.  The body also needs to be free of toxins such as pesticides, preservatives, heavy metals and many pharmaceutical medicines, including steroids (such as for asthma) and contraceptives.

When boys go through their puberty growth spurt, their need for minerals for bone growth is huge.  Minerals such as zinc and selenium have powerful antifungal and antiviral properties.  As is the case with facial eczema, a fungal infection of sheep, any farmer will tell you that prevention begins with zinc and selenium.

Swimmers are exposed to large amounts of chlorine and fluorine which blocks iodine in the body.  Iodine is a powerful antifungal which is already typically very low in New Zealanders.  Combined with the wet environment, it is hardly a surprise that toe fungus is a real problem for swimmers.

A man who works with his hands: High levels of lead inside his body
Men who work with their hands wear sweaty boots which is the perfect breeding ground for foot fungus.  What is less well appreciated is these men also typically work with brominated and arsenic treated timbers and other toxins such as lead.  These have a blocking effect on the antifungal elements of zinc, selenium and iodine in the body, thus making these men sitting ducks for fungal and other skin disorders, including eczema, psoriasis and even actinic kerastosis.

When a woman goes on an oestrogen contraceptive her copper levels soar.  It just so happens that copper is a direct antagonist of zinc in the body; hence the high incidence of fungal and yeast infections in women who are on a contraceptive.  Copper is often the active ingredient in an IUD implant.

Think of a huge tree that is dying: It has fungus within.  Fungus is highly associated with the dead and dying - Its the last thing we want to see in the elderly.

Most people do not die of old age - 

they die from the consequences of malnutrition

Not a good way to enter old age: Severely depleted!

Yeast and fungal infections can be controlled by applying apple cider vinegar to the skin with a sponge or face cloth, towards the end of showering and then quickly rinsing off the residue.  Zinc, selenium, iodine and vitamin C supplements can be taken daily to increase the internal supply of these essential nutrients.  Take your time: Natural therapies take time to work their magic.

If the infection is widespread or particularly persistent, please consult and experienced natural health practitioner such as a naturopath.

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