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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

I am looking to start making my own cereal bars

I am looking to start making my own cereal bars and wanted to know if you have any ‘must add’ ingredients or perhaps something that I should add specifically for me? I have found a few recipes off various web sites so will start with them.

I’m fed up with paying out top $$$ and them not really stacking up to what I need or don’t need.
(Name supplied)
(The writer is a triathlon and Iron Man competitor and I assume he is referring to protein and energy bars)
I can't say what to add specifically for you; but I do have some general ingredient suggestions for those making their own bars:

  • Add unflavoured plain whey protein.  This helps bind the mix during cooking and the end result will be less crumbly.  The protein will provide some slow release energy and, more importantly, provide substrate for tissue repair and production of all manner or biochemical substances necessary for sustained exercise and recovery.
  • Add some pure virgin coconut oil and butter while avoiding oils, like flax oil, that are prone to oxidation and do not like heat.  These stand cooking well and provide a good range of fat for exercise and recovery (you need fat the same as you need protein).
  • Use whole rolled oats for slow release carbohydrates.  You may find blending them to a finer grade may help with a less crumbly bar.  If the bars are too crumbly you may find they disintegrate too much while they sit in your jersey pocket or back pack.
  • Use honey or golden syrup for the simple sugars.
You can add nuts and seeds, raisins, chopped up dates and anything else that grabs your fancy.

Vitamins and minerals:  Best keep these in high quality pills, or other preparations, rather than trying to incorporate them into bars - cooking may damage them.

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