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Monday, April 07, 2014

There is a crisis facing women's health: But how do we deal with it?

"There is a crisis facing women's health." At TEDxQueenstown 2014 - Sense of place, Australasia's leading nutritional biochemist Dr Libby Weaver talks about how in today's age women are feeling the pressure of trying to be all things to all people and our current biochemistry has yet to catch up with this change in pace. She shares practical solutions for how modern 'juggling' woman can mend this mismatch with her cavewoman biochemistry.

Well said Libby!  Very relevant to Modern Life.  TED is great so long as it comes with practical  SOLUTIONS!  I want less slick talk, less posing and much more practical action.  I want stuff that has us rolling up our sleeves.  I want sweat and dirt!

On the topic of nutrition for Modern Woman - and Modern Man....

So, how does a woman or man know how much of this or that nutrient, such as zinc, is required to maintain health?  How does one nutritionally reverse adrenal fatigue from rushing and juggling life's demands?  How does one balance hormones with nutritional therapy?  All the while bearing in mind that nutrient requirements do vary enormously with gender, stress, infection, injury, pregnancy, medications, exercise and ageing.  And we are all different in subtle biochemical ways, so there is never a one-size-fits-all therapy.

Mineral patterns are influenced by hormones and vice-versa

The solution, in part, is the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis which takes most of the guessing out of nutritional science and helps you and your health professional work out exactly what to do to become healthy and to remain so.

The test is a forensic record of what has been happening within your body during the period over which that length of hair was growing.  It helps us identify the root causes of fatigue and illness, so that we can treat causes - not symptoms.

So, if a person develops a blood clot for no obvious reason, the medical machinery fires into action treating the clot to ensure it does not cause a lung embolism or stroke.  Once the situation is stabilised and the clot dissolved, the job is finished - until the next clot a few years later.  The reason why: Because the root cause of the clot was never identified and resolved.  The hair tissue analysis is one forensic tool that may identify the root cause of the clotting - Chronic adrenal stress, due to a dental abscess, leading to an increased clotting rate.

Treating the causes - not the symptoms!

Examples relevant to Modern Women who are in a rush: 

  • Adrenal Glands:  Patterns are seen in the mineral charts, showing the state of the adrenal glands while the hair was growing (The adrenal glands regulate sodium and potassium within the cells), 
  • Female Hormones:  Oestrogen and progesterone balance (Copper and zinc levels influence the production of these hormones), 
  • Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands:  The balance between the thyroid and parathyroid glands (The Calcium to potassium ratio reveals this).  The medical solution may be to destroy the gland(s) which is crazy.  Symptoms - not causes.
  • Toxins: The test may show historic exposure to toxins such as lead and mercury, sometimes many years after the exposure.  These toxins stress the adrenal and other glands.
While the hair tissue mineral analysis is a wonderful test it comes with a huge serious proviso:  The test is only as good as the knowledge and understanding of the health professional who is interpreting it.  If you are going to get the test done, please ensure that the person doing the interpretation is thoroughly trained in the interpretation of the test.  I can tell you here that 99% of doctors have not done the courses, nor have most nutritionists.  If an untrained person tries to interpret the results, the odds are they will lead you down the wrong path.

Ask for evidence of training and competency before you proceed.

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