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Monday, May 19, 2014

Is bariatric surgery all that it is cut out to be?

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Wanted to share this with you -----Look at this - I now weigh the lowest I have in years. Been scrapping windows for hours and hours and still not finished - great exercise obviously :) Will send a photo when I get one.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without you sharing your wonderful knowledge and ongoing support and passion I would still be suffering and my body slowly shutting down, and taking more and more medication. Also couldn't have got through losing my DAD, one of the closet women (aunty) in life AND my husband of 20 years all in one year!

Love ya dude :)
(name withheld)
(The following is published with permission)
This lovely woman has had a lifelong struggle with her weight, finally resorting to stomach reduction surgery.  While she lost a lot of weight initially, much of it was gradually regained.  When I met her for the first time, she was extremely tired, depressed, overweight and, in my opinion, over medicated.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analyses, first performed in 2012 and then repeated in 2013, confirmed that she was malnourished, a common consequence of stomach reduction surgery.  In addition, she had a significant accumulation of lead in her body, possibly due to home renovations (lead paint).  Lead may cause symptoms like depression, brain fog, fatigue, joint pain and osteoporosis.

In my opinion, her stomach reduction surgery was an abject failure and left her with more problems than it has solved.  At the time of her first consultation with me she was on multiple medications including Citalopram for depression, Levothyroxine for an underactive thyroid. Tranexamic acid for heavy menstrual bleeding and Omeprazole for reflux!

Now drug free and much better off!

I am delighted to report that she no longer has any need for drugs and is all the healthier for not doing so!  Her improvement in health is reflected in her body composition stats below.  I want to add that she deserves all the credit; I merely offered her guidance and support - she did the hard work.  Talk about patient!

Here are some charts for my delighted client.  The body composition readings are from her Salter 9106 scales which are inexpensive, simple to use and incredibly reliable.

Note her slow, steady loss of total weight, fat while gaining lean muscle, water and even bone!
Slow weight losses from exercise with a nutrient dense diet and supplementation is the way to go.
Her latest readings are 74.4 Kg and 28.6%.
Evidence of poor adrenal and thyroid function and generally malnourished.  This is typical of bariatric surgery and starvation-based weight loss programmes.
Elevated lead which is associated with fatigue, depression, aches and pains, brain fog, cardiovascular
disease, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Thyrodine test shows very low iodine status as well as possible interference with iodine usage
due to toxic halide exposure (fluorine, chlorine and bromine).  Saliva iodine should be at least 20 ppm.
Urine iodine should be half that of the saliva levels. No wonder her thyroid was unwell!

Test and sort out the iodine problem and the need for thyroid medication may disappear.
Why does your doctor not do this?
Is it because iodine can not be a high value patent medicine?

Is bariatric surgery really the Holy Grail of weight loss?

Stomach reduction surgery (bariatric surgery) is growing in popularity, promoted as a wonder solution for obesity.  The promoters of this high value surgery highlight the upside while downplaying the negatives of which there are many.  Sneaky tactics are used to highlight the upside: Most people undergoing this procedure will lose significant weight over the first years; however, after about five years the weight may start piling back on while diseases of malnutrition begin to set in such as fatigue, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease.  The promoters of bariatric surgery get around these "minor" problems by only measuring and highlighting the benefits of the first three to five years.  If they were to monitor post-surgery for 10 years, the gloss would be taken completely off the covers of their flash promotional brochures.  

Are they in it for the health of their patients, or in it for the money?

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