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Sunday, May 18, 2014

What on earth is "Neurocardiogenic Syncope"?

Cyclist emerges from coma - National - NZ Herald News
Triathlete Laurent Vidal has emerged from an induced coma and is showing signs of making a positive recovery from a heart attack suffered in training at the weekend. 

"He was eventually diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope, a nerve problem that causes a sudden drop in blood pressure".

"Neurocardiogenic syncope" is a fancy way of saying he fainted as a result of a problem with the nerves that activate the heart.  This condition is remarkably similar to Addison's or Adrenal Fatigue which is epidemic among athletes.  In fact, this was the topic of my lecture tour of Australia last year, "Running on Empty".  Unfortunately, mainstream medicine still refuses to recognise any condition called "Adrenal Fatigue".  Their refusal to recognise this condition may be because it is successfully treated by nutrition and lifestyle modifications - not high value patent drugs and surgery.

"Neurocardiogenic syncope" is just a big word for describing what happened.  Nowhere in the Herald article is there anything about root causes, just symptoms.  Modern medicine treats symptoms - not root causes.  This is yet another example of failing to identify the root causes of ill health.

You can not drug a person into good health - drugs merely suppress symptoms

When one looks closely at the nutritional status of many athletes like marathon runners, cyclists and triathletes, a disturbing pattern appears:  MALNUTRITION!   Many of these athletes really are running on empty!   Some look like they are starving themselves to death and careful analysis of their diet and bodily nutrient stores (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) usually confirms this.  Have a close look at the photo above of Laurent Vidal and his fiancee Andrea:  He actually looks like an old man, despite being just 30.  Athletes can be very, very fit while also being very unwell.

Being in a state of nutrient starvation may be complicated by a triathlete or swimmer being exposed daily to large amounts of toxic halides such as chlorine, fluorine and bromine in swimming and spa pools.  These halides, in the presence of low iodine, directly interfere with thyroid function which then impacts on adrenal function.  The adrenals regulate the excitement of the nervous system, blood pressure and heart function.  The adrenals drive high-octane sports performance as well.  

When the adrenals fail to respond to stress, due to overuse and depletion of nutrients (adrenal fatigue), the athlete will collapse - faint and maybe even die.  Sounds like "neurocardiogenic syncope", if you ask me!

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