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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It can sometimes be difficult to tell if nutritional strategies are working

"I did see a friend the other day who I haven't see for awhile, and he mentioned I didn't look so tired around the eyes.
So things must be working


Some time ago I had a six month review with a female client. I asked her how it was going and what improvements she had noticed since beginning her nutritional balancing programme.

"To be honest, Gary, I have not noticed anything at all".

Consulting my notes with some puzzlement, I asked, "What about the migraines you have been suffering at least once a week, the main reason you came to see me?"

"I am so sorry, Gary, I completely forgot about them. I have not had a migraine in months", she replied.

What else could I do other than laugh aloud.

Improvements in health are seldom experienced overnight and usually so slow that the person may never actually notice anything, forgetting where their journey to good health actually began. This is why so many fail by giving up early in the journey and why it is so easy for the professional naysayers to debunk nutrition as a medicine for health problems.

Watching for improvements in health is a bit like watching grass grow - in Winter

Often the best judges of subtle improvements are those you have not seen in a long while, or those who take notes and measurements. Athletes are good to deal with because they measure performance. Track athletes and swimmers are good examples, as are flat water kayakers. Any improvements in health will show as performance gains, such as faster time trials, more weight lifted and so on.

As with the patient process of producing a great cheese, excellent health requires years of tender loving care and sticking to the "Plan"

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