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Monday, May 26, 2014

Run with Ease workshop is on again

A message from the organisers below.  A number of my clients have attended this course previously and the feedback has been completely positive.

Run with Ease – Run for Your Life

The more we run, (or the older we get while we run!), the more we need to look after both the motor and the machine – that’s us and our brains and our bodies.

Coaches and trainers are now saying that movement versatility and coordination are more important for good running than drills and regimentation. (See link to article:

Knowing how to adapt and simplify the way we run leads to greater efficiency, less risk of injury, and a rediscovery of the simple youthful joy that running holds for us.

That’s the sort of experience we provide with these “runshops” in the Run for Your Life series.

The next ones are coming up:

Exploring Running Form (with Rupert Watson, Feldenkrais runner and practitioner)– Sunday, 8th June

Intelligent Movement for Runners  (with Femke Koene, Exercise Kinesiologist)– Sunday, 15th June

The sessions work together, but are separated in time for better absorption of the material. Both are at Newtown Park, from 10-12 on their respective Sundays.

Cost is $55 for both; or $30 for one, if that’s all you can manage right now.

To book email Rupert at

Please pass on to friends – we seem to be leaving publicity a bit late this time!

For really good writing on running form and issues that relate to our approach to better running, look up Jae Gruenke at



Rupert Watson
Feldenkrais, Run with Ease, Massage
5 Watt St
Featherston, 5710

The moment my legs began to move, my thoughts began to flow – Henry David Thoreau

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