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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Does sushi provide enough dietary iodine?

"I'd worked out that a dozen pieces of sushi a week was what i needed to meet my iodine demands... much more than that and i'd get manic... although now thats not enough, I've doubled it plus take kelp flakes and still waiting for my metabolism to spike."
(name supplied but withheld)

Good action, but still worth testing your iodine levels, including the possible presence of toxic halides which block iodine (positive in about 14% of those tested,  about 80% in swimmers).   It's almost a year of testing iodine levels and only one person has had iodine sufficiency on the first test and that was me.

Iodine is volatile.   If the seaweed for your sushi has been heated,  packed and stored it may have no iodine of significance.  Seaweed must be fresh and raw to be certain that it is rich in iodine.   I have not seen any evidence of benefit to iodine levels from consuming sushi.   I do not know if there is a benefit from fresh seaweed,  but assume there would be much more iodine compared to packaged seaweed which may have been sitting on a shelf for months.    The same problem exists with iodised salt which will progressively lose its iodine while in storage and during cooking.  The iodised salt that has been sitting in your pantry for the last year may have little iodine left in it compared to on its date of manufacture.

Kelp gives me a headache because it may no longer be the healthiest of options.  Kelp may contain heavy metals from widespread industrial pollution of  the oceans.  I am not sure if this warning applies to New Zealand kelp.  The main issue with kelp is it may contain quite high levels of bromine which blocks iodine in the body.

You can't win this one!

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