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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

How to get through 6 months of pregnancy without knowing

Here's a cracker of an article written by my daughter, Mary-Ann:

How to get through 6 months of pregnancy without knowing

1) Have an 'expert' or person in authority tell you you're not pregnant.  This is incredibly powerful and will throw everything off course despite it being the most logical and correct answer.  Go to the Doctor in the first couple of months complaining of severe lower abdominal pain and nausea.  Have them do a pregnancy test which comes back negative and send you on your way with a diagnosis of Gastroenteritis.

2) Have irregular periods for the couple of years leading up to pregnancy.  Have Doctors switch you around on different contraceptive pills, messing with your natural hormone balance and throwing everything out of whack.  Decide to go off the contraceptive pill completely to try get your natural cycle back, and stop getting your periods completely for a few months prior to pregnancy.  Ask Doctors if you should be concerned that you haven't had a period in months, but have them dismiss this since you have low body fat and are training twice a day.  Loss of menstrual cycle is common among female athletes so you leave feeling upset that you may be infertile rather than considering you might be pregnant.

3) Be in top physical condition prior to pregnancy.  Be fit and healthy with good abdominal muscles.  Your tight abdominal muscles will mean
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