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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Test of flu vaccine for heavy metals, finds 25,000 times higher mercury level than EPA limit for water

"Anyone who claims mercury has been removed from all vaccines is either wildly ignorant or willfully lying. And anyone who would knowingly allow themselves to be injected with mercury is probably already a victim of the kind of brain damage well known to be caused by mercury."


Right now, here in New Zealand, the flu vaccine campaign is in full swing.  This is despite the Cochrane Collaboration's review of the seasonal flu vaccine finding that this is of doubtful public health benefit.

We were led by pro vaccine  health experts to believe that little more than the slightest of traces of mercury now remained in modern vaccines.  Mercury is a potent neurotoxin that is particularly toxic to developing brains.  If we are to believe the Natural News study, we are being grossly misled.

My advice is to use natural, health diet and lifestyle measures to boost your family's immune systems and leave the vaccines alone.

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