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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gary, do you advise Flu Jab?

If you put aside "political" and financial biases, the evidence for the flu jab is not good.

Take particular note of the Cochrane report with the article a Dr wrote for my blog (refer links to articles below).

But; first, I must digress by asking you a question....

Who do you take your health advice from?

I appreciate that you, the consumer, are in a most unenviable situation where you are inundated with conflicting advice from people like me who use nutrition to improve health and from medical experts who try to cure ill health with drugs: People like Dr Stewart Jessamine, the head of Medsafe and chief apologist for the country's increasing dependence on drugs.  Do drugs make us a healthier population?  Why do these people constantly rubbish natural therapies?

Hardly a week passes without a doctor somewhere saying somthing like these to one of my clients:

"If you continue to take those vitamins from Gary Moller, I will not treat you"

"Those pills are dangerous/ineffective - take these drugs instead"

"Gary Moller is a charlatan"

"Gary Moller's tests are a load of rubbish"

"Its expensive urine"

Who is right?  Who do we believe?  Who do we go with?  Is Gary an unscientific charlatan?

When it comes to health, how does your doctor measure up?

A message to Dr Jessamine:

Dear Dr Jessamine,
I am sure you are a very nice guy, so please do not take this too personally; but you are in public office and with that comes public scrutiny.  You are a good talker, your bio tells us this.  How about a public debate sometime?  Say, a debate such as: "There are no effective non-drugs alternatives to Tamiflu".  But I am digressing and there is a more simple way to help my readers make sense of all the confusing and conflicting messages coming there way....

When it comes to health, do you walk the talk?  Are you healthier than me?  Okay - about as healthy as me will do.

Would you please be so kind and share with my readers your personal health stats.  After all, you are the health expert who is telling the rest of us how to be healthy, while spending a billion or more of our hard-earned dollars each year on drugs like Tamiflu.  It is reasonable for the public to expect you to walk the talk - To put into practice, personally, all that you know about being healthy.   I am sure you will agree with that.  
Is Gary Moller healthy?

So please share with us:

  • How old are you? 
  • What's your blood pressure?
  • What's your body composition (muscle, bone, fat, water)?  
  • How are your joints?  
  • Have you any health issues? 
  • Do you take any medication?
  • Have you had any surgery?

To be fair here are my health stats:

  • I am 60 years old.
  • my blood pressure is 120/80 and I can red line my heart at about 170 beats per minutes for at least two continuous hours. 
  • I weigh 63 Kg, 9% fat, 44% muscle, 3.1 Kg bone and 63% water.  
  • I have excellent joints.
  • I take no medication.  
  • I had a knee operation about 30 years ago with 100% recovery.
  • I work very long hours without fatigue.

Check your own doctor out: 

Does he or she walk the talk?  Is your doctor in better health than you?  If not, I suggest you run for the door!

The Tamiflu scandal

For years, a number of independent health researchers advised against NZ and other countries stockpiling millions of dollars of Tamiflu and warned that these drugs are not harmless while being of questionable effectiveness.  They were more than ignored by those with their grip on the health purse strings: Anybody, including myself, who they saw as getting in their way, were publicly labelled as nutters, irresponsible and even dangerous.  

Here are some articles that I have written about Tamiflu over previous years:

  • Tamiflu - You would have to be nuts to give this to ... -

    Jan 3, 2013 - Gary Moller: [DipPhEd PGDipRehab PGDipSportMed(Otago)FCE Certified, ... Tamiflu - You would have to be nuts to give this to your baby.
  • Is Tamiflu everything it is claimed to be? -

    Apr 27, 2009 - Gary Moller: [DipPhEd PGDipRehab PGDipSportMed(Otago)FCE ... We are given the impression that we MUST have Tamiflu if we are to ...
  • How wrong they were and how right the others were!  Read this:

    Study casts doubt on Tamiflu value hours ago
    New Zealand will maintain its $32 million stockpile of influenza medicine Tamiflu, despite a major international study throwing doubt on the on the value of the treatment.

    When you read the Stuff article, notice how the "establishment" experts and the drugs company executives are scrambling to justify their wasting of millions of our dollars and endangering the safety of the public.

    Here's the Cochrane Study if you want to read it for yourself:

    You and I have paid millions of dollars for these mostly useless drugs and vaccines.  We get poor through wasted tax dollars fattening Big Pharma waistlines and risk harm if we take these drugs..

    There are very good healthy alternatives to drugs to reduce harm caused by flu; but these never get any traction simply because there is no money in them for Big Pharma and the current flawed drugs-based medical paradigm sees these healthy non-drugs measures as being the enemy - which is utterly ridiculous!

    Here is what I have written previously about the Flu Jab:

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