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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Do I really need the commercially available sports drinks and gels?

Gary enjoying a drink while cycling around Samoa
Enquiry: Dear Mr. Moller, I would like to hear your opinion/recommendation for drinking and eating during high intensity and during long training sessions. Do I really need the commercially available sports drinks and gels? 
I am generally not a fan of sports drink and gels which are often grossly over-priced and responsible for rampant tooth decay and gum disease.  Water is generally best for most training and events unless you are going to extremes in terms of duration.

I am, however, very much in favour of using the following product before and after training and competition.  If I do need an energy source during an intense or long event generally lasting more than an hour then I will use this:

It covers all bases and doubles up fine as a sports drink.

When you drink it, please do not sip or swill it around the teeth.  Swallow it quickly and, ideally, rinse the residue with a swill or two of plain water to prevent tooth decay.

I trust this helps.

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