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Thursday, July 24, 2014

My pregnancy guide to group fitness classes - Mary-Ann Moller

My pregnancy guide to group fitness classes

I never used to be into group fitness classes at the gym, however, as my pregnancy has progressed and I am no longer able to do my preferred forms of exercise (CrossFit, running and heavy weights sessions), I needed to find something new.  I have traded in the running for walking and replaced heavy weights with light weights or body weight sessions.  But, these have become pretty ho-hum unless I can find a buddy to come along with me which can often be tricky as I like to exercise around mid-morning when I have the most energy.  Most of my usual training buddies are working around this time.  Group fitness classes seemed to be the obvious answer.  At 36 weeks pregnant I attend about 7 Les Mills group fitness classes a week, including 4 BODYPUMP classes and 3 BODYBALANCE classes.  This is nothing like my pre-pregnancy exercise program, but I love my new schedule!  Here are a few reasons why I love doing these classes during my pregnancy:
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