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Friday, September 05, 2014

You'd have to be nuts to take this drug after watching this video!

Prolia is one of the bisphosphonate class of drugs that work by killing off one of the cells that remodel old bone (osteoblasts).  The result is the buildup of old bone.  While it gives the impression that bones are stronger, this is completely untrue with an increase in fractures a few years later.

Below is a promotional video intended to get mostly older women to enthusiastically get onto these drugs.  I want you to watch this and take careful note of the long list of horrific side effects:

Would you take this drug after seeing the long list of side effects?  Osteonecrosis of the jaw?
Osteonecrosis of the jaw

In the USA the drugs companies are being sued left, right and center by patients who have been harmed by these drugs; yet they still continue to actively sell these because their profits dwarf what all the lawsuits may end up costing.  The listing of the horrific side effects is the only concession that they have to make.  They can go on selling these drugs so long as they spell out the dangers.

Remember that less than 10% of all drugs adverse reactions are ever reported.  Some cynics believe the figure is closer to 1%, so a lot of people are being harmed.  When you are reading the side effects such as heart damage and loss of one's jaw (Just how horrific is that!), bear in mind that these are listed because an unspecified number of poor souls suffered these horrible things.  I'd rather be dead than to have no jaw.  A broken bone is a preferable health problem in my opinion.

Here in New Zealand, there is no need to properly inform you of these horrific side effects: your doctor has his/her arse well protected by ACC and the Health and Disability Commissioner, neither of whom are genuinely interested in your health and welfare.  If you try to complain, let alone sue your doctor in New Zealand, I say "Good luck to you!"

If you have been told you have low bone density then it surely makes better sense to identify and treat the root causes, rather than treat the symptoms with a highly toxic poison?

If your doctor tells you that you need to take one of the bisphosphonate drugs, my advice is turn your back and get out of that office as fast as your legs will take you.  Go find a health practitioner who is genuinely interested in your health and get your bone strong and supple once more by nurturing them and not poisoning them.

By the way, did you know that the average contact time between patient and doctor in the United States is a mere nine minutes?  For a Naturopath it is over an hour per consultation.  Who would you put your faith in?  Things are not much better in New Zealand.  Sadly, we have adopted the failing US health model.

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