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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why should I buy off you when I can get something cheaper down the road and not have to pay you for your time?

I get lots of interesting inquiries from people all over the World, seeking advice about health problems, annoying injuries, or help with choosing the right nutrition supplements for their sport.  If the query is straight-forward and does not take too much of my time, I will usually reply for no charge, although I really should (Would you ever expect your lawyer, accountant, plumber or dentist to be free?).

What is surprising is how often a person seeks assistance for free then goes off and buys a cheap product off the internet or from the discount store.

"Why should I buy off you when I can get something cheaper down the road and not have to pay you for your time?"

My answer is a couple of questions in return: "Who can answer your questions at the discount shop or website?"

And: "Who can you call if you have problems or usage questions?"

Or they may dabble for a few months with what I have advised, then decide it is too slow and too expensive, opting then for the high-cost, high-risk medical intervention such as the gastric bypass.  Not thinking at all of the longterm consequences to their health.

I think what complicates matters is the subsidising of pharmaceutical medicines and the subsidising of medical and allied services such as physiotherapy.

Subsidies distort the "Free Market" and create institutionalised laziness

So, here I am, offering a service and products that receive absolutely no subsidies at all.  All for a fraction of the cost of the medicines and medical procedures that may have true costs that amount to thousands and thousands of dollars.

For example: Three toe massages for about $180 to relieve an arthritic big toe, or $5,000 of publicly or insurance funded surgery to fuse the toe and create a lifelong disability.

Or $40 of unsubsidised dietary supplements to manage a heart condition or $50,000 of subsidised surgery and $500 a month of medication for the rest of your life (and ongoing illness).

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