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Friday, June 12, 2015

Bounding drills and training the Lydiard way

Gordon Moller practicing a bounding drill during the latest Lydiard Coaching Certification course
Gordon turns 60 later this year and his performances are world class when it comes to age groups.  He finished 3rd overall in his last off road half marathon and won his age group by a country mile.  He's fast.

When most people think about training for a marathon, or half marathon, thoughts usually turn to grinding out endless miles, day after day and week after week, with little attention to other components for performance, including form and efficiency.  While time out running is an essential part, so is paying attention to developing power, speed and form and these can all suffer if training is mostly an endless plod.  Whether you are a front runner or recreational runner your body does not differentiate - the same principles of training apply - all that may vary are the intensity, volume and duration.

Arthur Lydiard was the founder of modern periodisation and his methods are still unsurpassed.  The key to enjoyable and rewarding running, be it an 800 meter race, or surviving an ultra marathon, is getting the right mix of endurance, speed and power in training and timing when and how these are introduced to produce consistent and satisfying performances on the day.  This is the art and science of periodisation.

If you are a coach or athlete and want to learn more about Lydiard Coaching Certification and the art of periodisation, please go here:

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