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Friday, July 10, 2015

The calcium Lie - why calcium can destroy your health, including your bones

Please take a few minutes to watch this video by Dr Robert Thompson then read some of the many articles I have written over the years about issues to do with calcium and diseases like osteoporosis.  

Here is the link to some of them:

For about 80% of the people who consult me about chronic health problems, reducing dietary intake of calcium will improve their health!

Dr Thompson refers to mineral analysis HTMA).  I like him because he uses the very same laboratory as me for mineral analysis and has come to the conclusion I have about calcium and health.  It was this test that opened his eyes and what motivated him to write the book.  This is the test he refers to:

I have a limited number of his book "The Calcium Lie" here for $30 (contact me directly if you want a copy).  I have these available for my clients because it helps explain the value of the HTMA for guiding the journey back to good health.

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