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Monday, May 08, 2006

Teaching your child to fall properly

Latest stats are that around 280,000 accident claims are recorded in NZ each year for falls. Children and young people make up many of these accidents. For the elderly, the consequences may be fatal. Refer to my ealier blog about this.

What is a real concern is the youngsters coming through to their adolescent growth spurts with little in the way of the skills, agility or the strength to safely negotiate a fall. And let's face it; we will all fall over at various stages of our lives, so let's prepare for the inevitable, starting with our kids while they are still small. Safely teach basic movement skills, like leaping and rolling. If a child does not learn basic movement skills, like the forward roll and does not have the strength to withstand impact, serious injury from a fall is inevitable during adulthood.

Teaching your son, daughter or grandchildren to fall safely is great fun. Refer to my earlier blog here, for a start. Here is another game you can introduce your small children to: Balancing on the top of a secure platform, like a large sofa, tossing a ball to the ceiling and leaping up to catch the ball and landing with great skill and on the carpeted floor.
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