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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Some healthy tips for blood pressure management

For blood pressure do the following:
If you are currently being treated for high blood pressure, please discuss this with your health care provider before making any changes, thanks.
  • Do a brisk walk each morning, including weekends before breakfast
  • Do other exercise like swimming, tennis and yoga as well as the walks
  • Do one very long walk up to three hours once a week, like a trail hike, taking in only water for sustenance (You might need to gradually build up to this one)
  • Take one Chrometate tablet with breakfast and another with dinner
  • Coenzyme Q-10
  • Have one dessert spoon of flaxseed oil with breakfast, lunch and dinner. You could add a few fish oil with vitamin E capsules as well as a beneficial extra.
Take all of the above for a period of three months and do not miss a day. Top up your supplies well before you run out of any.
Monitor blood pressure first thing in the mornings and later in the day at the same time daily.

  • Reduce or eliminate all refined flours and grains. Replace with wholemeal grains and oatmeal and give preference for starches like Kumara and other root crops.
  • Little or no refined sugar, including honey and sweets
  • Reduce dairy intake
  • Use flaxseed oil as an alternative spread to butter
  • Reduce animal fats
  • Eat fresh nuts daily
  • Eat fresh fish twice a week
  • Eliminate margarines and all oils that contain trans fatty acids (read the labels carefully)
  • Have several daily servings of fresh fruit and leafy vegetable, carrots, celery etc
If you are carrying any excess weight, aim for a very gradual loss over the three months using these diet and exercise guidelines.
  • Find something to laugh about each day
  • Smile and say "hello" to at least one stranger each day
After three months, review your blood pressure health including discussing your progress with a health practitioner if BP is consistently about 150/100 or higher.
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Wayne said...

We've all heard about the link between blood pressure and stress, how strong a link is it?:

Gary Moller said...

Blood pressure, along with heart rate, can rise within seconds of a change of one's mental state. I run workshops on BP and hook the attendees up to BP machines. Just thinking about something, like a horrible boss, a cell phone going off, or an upcoming race can set BP and HR off.
These are healthy responses but can become unhealthy if such responses are frequent with no significant physical action or if chronic, such as constant worry with much procrastination thrown in. Some people have excessive responses to a given stimuli and this can grind them down over time.
People can learn via relaxation and feedback (Using a HR and BP monitor) to moderate these responses.