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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Games medallist defies medical warning in return to medal rostrum

Commonwealth Games cycling silver medallist Hayden Roulston defied his doctors to win the New Zealand road title, two months after being told he has a life-threatening heart condition.

The 25-year-old claimed he was "100 percent cured" but refused to reveal details of his treatment.

Roulston was told by his cardiologist two months ago to quit riding after he was diagnosed with the incurable heart disease arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia.
Gary Moller comments:
In my earlier article, I expressed confidence that a change of diet and lifestyle could bring about a resolution of this cyclist's "incurable condition". Hayden has demonstrated the benefits of nutritional strategies for managing health problems. For this, he has done us all a service. But; I do not entirely approve of his actions.
As they say: "one swallow does not make a summer" and so it is premature for Hayden, or anybody else to announce a 100% cure. I still stand by my recommendations that a cautious approach be taken, including a graduated build back to competition over a year. Whoever is advising or treating him should insist on this.
There is no need for haste.


Anonymous said...

You also mentioned
"Ongoing monitoring by a suitably trained and equipped physician"
Surely it's premature to state "Hayden has demonstrated the benefits of nutritional strategies for managing health problems" until he's been examined by a trained and equipped physician.

Gary Moller said...

Yes, fair comment and thanks for pointing out the inconsistency. I have not been clear with my comments on this one. I think he is showing that nutrition is benefitting him; but it is another thing to say how much and I have inadvertenly given readers the impression that I might be thinking of him as being cured. The rest of my article and the previous one are clear that this is not my conclusion. More time is needed - much more - like a year before a reliable conclusion can be made. These conditions have a habit of coming and going without any explanation.
This is why caution is warranted rather than jumping straight back into intense competition which is what Hayden has done.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he just stopped EPO.