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Sunday, October 22, 2006

kiwifruit slashes risk for heart attacks and strokes in just 28 days

Effects of kiwi fruit consumption on platelet aggregation and plasma lipids in healthy human volunteers.
Duttaroy AK, Jorgensen A.
Department of Nutrition, University of Oslo, Norway.
"...Kiwi fruit which contains high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin E and polyphenols may be beneficial in cardiovascular disease; however very little is known about its cardioprotective effects.... We report that consuming two or three kiwi fruit per day for 28 days reduced platelet aggregation response to collagen and ADP by 18%... In addition, consumption of kiwi fruit lowered blood triglycerides levels by 15%... whereas no such effects were observed in the case of cholesterol levels. All these data indicate that consuming kiwi fruit may be beneficial in cardiovascular disease.
Gary Moller comments:
An 18% reduction in potential for blood clotting and a 15% reduction in blood triglycerides is spectacular to say the least. This is as effective as one could expect when on drugs medication and without the risk of terrible side effects and crippling financial costs to you and the country.

I have always been a fan of NZ Kiwi Fruit which has a number of powerful nutritional qualities, including guaranteeing "regularity". Here in New Zealand where the modern Kiwi Fruit was first developed and commercialised, fat juicy ones can be purchased from the famer's market for as little as $1/kg. In fact, I have just returned from the market this morning with another large bag of Kiwi Fruit. At this time of year I ravenously consume 4-5 per day at a cost of about 50-60 cents. The oversized, blemished, or misshapen fruit are rejected for export so we get to buy them for a bargain. Often they are the best inside.

The message coming from this kind of research is loud and clear: There are highly effective natural therapies for preventing and managing most modern day ailments and getting old (Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, droopy dick, depression, anxiety etc).
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