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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Freezing your body is good for you!

"Cryotherapy could be the key to keeping joints, muscles and tissues healthy over time. It works by shrinking the molecules in the body, so that when you emerge from the cold, the molecules expand, increasing the blood flow and easing pain, swelling and inflammation.
Cryotherapy involves exposing yourself to extremely cold, dry air in a sealed room for up to three minutes at a time. In Poland, cryotherapy has become a popular treatment for rejuvenating and revitalizing the body and it is also widely used by eastern European athletes instead of an "ice bath" to aid post-training recovery. ...."
Gary Moller Comments:
I think the theory of shrinking and expanding moleclues is speculative bunkum.

The better explanation is that acute exposure to cold, such as an ice bath, gives a shock to the body's immune system. Done regularly, like the little old lady who takes a daily dip in the ocean, this keeps the immune system stimulated on high alert.

This is why people who adhere to these kinds of daily practices have robust immune systems and appear to be resistant to immune related ailments that are referred to in this report.

As a matter of interest; about 10 years ago I was so convinced of the health benefits of the early morning dip, I began taking cold showers first thing in the morning. I managed to keep this routine going for all of two days!

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