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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Take a cold shower!

"Dear Gary,
Cold therapy. Hey I was amazed you kept up the cold shower routine for all of TWO days!
(Refer my earlier article about cold therapy)
I'll tell you a story.

When I was at school I read a book. I think it was "A stone for Danny Fisher" by Harold Robbins. It was about a young boxer who, on advice from his coach, finished each shower with an icy cold one.

I was impressed so started to do the same. Normal shower, then turn the water up to slightly more you can bear for a minute, then turn off the hot and spend two or three minutes under the cold water only.

Believe it or not I still do this every morning to this very day! No bullshit! I did it in Dunedin in the winter and was pleased to find out that when you step of of the cold shower your pores have snapped shut and you don't feel cold while you are drying off! Step out of a hot shower on a Dunedin winter's morn and see how you feel!

Result: Apart occasional sniffles for a day or two i can honestly say I have never had the flu or a bad cold in my entire life! I still piss people off every winter when the cold bugs are doing the rounds, watch them suffer and here them say "You'll be next" and never have it happen."

Gary Moller comments:
Staying fit and healthy is not rocket science and can be as simple as a cold shower and a few other simple dietary and lifestyle measures. As Dave illustrates, even a rather trashy novelist can be a source of excellent health advice. The same can be said of Grandma with her cod liver oil for the children. Scientific evidence often lags decades behind experience and intuition. Dave has so ably demonstrated that the key to health is to consistently apply these simple practices year after year.


nutscode said...

Hello Gary,

I liked your story about taking cold showers, I did some internet research about this topic, and couldn't find any negative reactions (apart from the warning for people with heart problems).

Besides the health aspect, I'm also interested in the energy-saving aspect of the cold-shower routine. It alows you to lower the room temperature a few degrees without loosing the comfortable feeling (50% of the bill!).

I also have doubts about the popularity of taking fresh showers (sounds nicer). A poll at my website ( shows that 3% takes pure cold showers and about 4% takes hot showers and finishes cold.

I think you need to prove bigger "advantages". Do you know if there is any relation with potency? All the blood that leaves the surface area of your skin got to go somewhere!

To pursuade females it would be interesting to know if taking fresh showers burns some extra fat a certain spots!



Gary Moller said...

Your website looks fascinating. Unfortunately my Dutch is rather limited. Do you by any chance have an English version of your website?

Anonymous said...

Yes, about thermographics, about the energybenchmark.