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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Why should you take Vitamin E when you take fish oil?

Essential fatty acids, such as fish oil, and flax seed oil tend to oxidise rather quickly. And when they oxidise, they form free radicals and lipid peroxides, both of which are toxic to nearly all of our cells.

Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants (with many health benefits), so taking it along with any sort of essential fatty acid -- including fish oil -- helps prevent this oxidation, which allows you to get the most nutritional benefit from the oil. This is especially the case with fish oil which is most unstable.

When purchasing fish oil capsules, look for the ones with added natural vitamin E. (Stay away from synthetic vitamins which are of questionable benefit). While they may be a little more expensive than the budget fish oils, the added Vit E more than makes up for it.

When taking other oils such as flax seed oil, consider taking a capusule of natural vitamin E with it.

By the way; natural vitamin E helps stabilise all fats in circulation, including cholesterol, thus reducing the possibility of harm to arterial walls by rancid cholesterol.


Anonymous said...

first time i have responded to a blogg site- Have you heard or do you know about this new vitamin- "resveratrol"sounds good but what do you know about it?


Gary Moller said...

This compund is found in the skin of red grapes and as a constituent of red wine and various other nuts fruits and veges, including blue berries; but apparently not in sufficient amounts to explain the “French paradox” that the incidence of coronary heart disease is relatively low in southern France despite high dietary intake of saturated fats.

The more likely explanation is a combination of factors including wine intake. The most powerful factor may be vitamin D level: the further South one lives in France, the higher the vitamin D levels.

I think resveratrol is expensive in pill form. here's my generalk advice: Eat lots of coloured fruit and veges and take a multi vitamin, a mineral supplement and some omega 3 oil and you will be quite well covered. Have a smoothie now and then with blueberries in it. Get your vitamin D levels tested and, if you have some spare dosh after all that, buy some resveratrol.

Anonymous said...

Can you recommend a cod liver oil that has natural Vit E added to it?

Gary Moller said...

I am not aware of any cod liver oil with Vit E in NZ. It is possible that another reader can tell us if there is.

I am stocking Red Seal cod liver oil after Kordel's stopped production due to poor sales, I believe. It may be because cod liver oil has received bad press about the supposed dangers of vitamin A in excess.

But this is rubbish because you would have to take huge amounts of cod liver oil to overdose. You see, there is a difference between concentrated synthetic A and the natural sort. I would never take the synthetic which is easily toxic.

So, you can take cod liver oil during winter to slow the loss of vitamin D stores and for the anti viral and other health benefits of NATURAL vit A.

Natural Vitamin E is present in compounds like what germ oil. You can get added vitamin E (natural) from supplements like Kordels Natural Vitamin E. Just take the recommended dose on the label with your cod liver oil and all is well. Available from